About Me


In What Brass Players Want, I will provide an interesting and vibrant resource for brass players.  I will be exploring important techniques, delving into the specific techniques for individual instruments as well as those that are more generic.

There is a page where I will discuss recordings, arrangements and compositions as well as important developments from the world of Brass Bands, Orchestras and Chamber groups.

I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with readers in What Brass Players Want about particular arrangements or new compositions I have worked on.   I will give honest reviews about new, and more well-known pieces of music for brass musicians.

I will save you time and the effort of ordering and working through music that is simply not of the standard you would expect.  I will show you the real gems so that you can ensure that your concerts are everything you would wish for.  Also, with articles and editorials on playing techniques there will be lots of opportunities to develop your own playing.

Who Am I?

Shaun HumphriesMy name is Shaun Humphries and I am a brass player with over 20 years experience in a range of different ensembles. These include Orchestras, Brass Bands, Quintets, Chamber Groups and I have worked as a Soloist.

I am a Music Teacher and have worked as a Head of Department in a number of Buckinghamshire schools over the last 8 years.  I have been Musical Director for Milton Keynes Development Band, Fantini Chorus, Wolverton Town Band and I am currently working with Brackley Wind Ensemble.  I have set up and developed ensemble playing within the schools that I have worked with, as well as providing bespoke arrangements for the musicians that are available within a school setting.

With a good understanding of what really works for a range of different ensembles and levels, I am able to give you an honest review of arrangements and compositions that will help sort the good from the bad.  I can provide detailed and technical information that will help you to develop your musicianship skills, technique and understanding of a variety of genres and styles.

The articles on What Brass Players Want will give you a real opportunity to develop your own musicianship and technique.


My Review Policy

I am happy to provide a review of music for Brass Solos, Orchestras, Brass Bands, Jazz Bands and Chamber Ensembles.

I will accept reviews sent in either MIDI or Sibelius format, however I will also accept paper copies of scores if you prefer to send those to me.

I will post my reviews here on What Brass Players Want, Amazon and Music Room.

Although I will look at all arrangements or compositions that are sent to me, I cannot make any guarantees that I will provide a review for every piece of music I am sent, however when I do post a review it will be my honest opinion.  I will let readers know what I like, or do not like, about a particular composition or arrangement.

To request a composition or arrangement review, please contact me via the What Brass Players Want contact form.

Thank you,