Do I really need to do theory?

Is music theory really an unnecessary evil? Everybody that begins to learn to play an instrument will usually start because they have a vision of how they are going to be really good at trumpet or tuba and that they … Continue reading

ABRSM or Trinity Exams – which is best?

Preparing for an Exam Preparing for your first exam on your instrument can be an exciting time. Choosing to work toward an exam can provide a really good focus and give some direction to the work you do in your … Continue reading

Youth Music in Uganda The post today has been provided by Philip Monk. He has been working with young people in Uganda and has set up the charity ugive2uganda (registered charity No. 1115196) to support people living in and around the town of … Continue reading

Interpretation – It’s all a matter of style

Interpretation – how many correct ways are there? Interpretation and developing a stylistic approach to playing is an important element of any performance. There are of course a number of correct ways to approach a Baroque piece, a classical piece … Continue reading

The right brass instrument – what’s best for the beginner?

Choosing the right, or best, brass instrument for a beginner that has expressed an interest in learning to play a brass instrument can sometimes be a tricky situation.  Which instrument is best for the complete beginner and how do you … Continue reading

Is there value in music competitions?

Brass band players are familiar with the contest season scenario and some people love musical competitions while others loathe it.  Is there really any musical validity in competing and relying on the opinions of the chosen adjudicators? There are many … Continue reading