A Guilt Free Summer Break – Great Holiday Exercises

Keep your face in shape During a Holiday! During the summer holiday season, most brass bands have quite a busy time and are often out on Saturdays and Sundays playing in local fetes, parties and other outdoor events. It is … Continue reading

Getting Your Best Contest Result

Learning a Contest Piece Love them or loathe them, brass band contests are often quite an important factor of brass banding. They can be a time where many feel great when they have played well, or that their band has placed … Continue reading

All about the Brass! (An infographic)

    This post provides an infographic from California Music Studios that describes and explains the development of brass instruments in a clear and concise way.  If you like the infographic below, please do check out their website by clicking here. … Continue reading

Develop Your Musicality

A little while ago I was fortunate enough to attend a concert of a brass group that promised to be absolutely outstanding. What I heard was technically brilliant, no really noticeable mistakes and there was certainly some complicated music being … Continue reading

More chords – extend your vocab

Extending the range of chords you can use Last week we covered information on how to form the primary triads in a major key. This week we will look at an alternative way of forming chords that will rely on … Continue reading

Understanding chords (Part I)

    Understanding how chords are put together will help improve your understanding of how the music you play is constructed. The easiest way to approach understanding how chords work is to think of them as triads.  The term triad … Continue reading

Transposition – is it really so tricky?

Transposition – why is this important? Transposition is a really useful skill for every brass player. Skill with transposition is really useful whether this is because you are an Eb bass player in a brass band needing to play a … Continue reading