EducationSince I started this site I have been able to cover the operating costs without too much of a problem. However, there have been a few changes (such as having twins on the way…) that have meant I have had to rethink carefully how I fund this site.

I would like everyone to be able to gain easy access to all blogs and files. Creating a membership system, with the need for people to sign-in, or creating protected areas, would take away from this site the ethos that I am trying to create.  I would like to provide educational, interesting and thought provoking ideas that are available free, and with little restriction.

I have included a “Donate” button so that people who feel that they have got a lot from the site and wish to help with running costs, they may do so.  If I receive a number of donations and end up with a profit, I will donate this to the Help the Heroes Charity.  I am only looking to have a way of covering costs, and will not use this site to make a financial profit.

I would like to thank you for your understanding.  Do feel free to contact me with your thoughts on this through my Contact page or by clicking here.

Shaun Humphries

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