Slide positions for the trombone

Trombone Slide Positions

what-brass-players-want-slide-positionsTrombone slide positions are fairly easy to find online, but following a quick search I have found lots of them to be fairly confusing with coloured charts, unnecessary pictures or images that normally only show treble or bass clef notes.

I have decided it would be a good idea to provide a slide position chart that show positions for all enharmonic spellings, as well as notes in concert pitch and transposed Bb treble clef.

Below are the slide positions shown in concert pitch (bass clef and tenor clef). The first notes are only really possible on an instrument with a F attachment (trigger or valve), although more advanced players can ghost these notes!


Below are the slide positions shown in concert pitch using flats instead of sharps. This gives the enharmonic equivalents of the notes shown in the above image.

what-brass-players-want-slide-positionsIt is of course perfectly possible for advanced players, or those that have additional triggers to go below and above the given notes.

For brass band players who read treble clef notes, the written notes and slide positions are shown below. This image shows the notes as sharps.


Below is the slide positions for treble clef readers showing the notes as flats.


Of course the slide positions are given as a guide only. There is no absolute place that the slide should be put in for every note and it is really important to listen to what you play carefully. Every note may need adjusting so that it is as in tune as possible depending on the group you are playing with the key of the music you are playing and many other factors!

This means that 3rd position will need to be carefully adjusted for notes that are higher or lower to ensure good intonation. For more information about developing better intonation, just click here.

If you would like to download the images above as a .pdf file, please click on the link below:

Click here for slide positions in concert pitch

Click here for slide positions in Bb

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Slide positions for the trombone — 8 Comments

  1. I’m looking for a chart to show me what the slide positions are for different keys. I have played by ear for so many years that trying to go back to playing by note is challenging to say the least. B-flat and G are pretty good but any more flats or sharps are giving me a headache. Got anything?

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