Getting Your Best Contest Result

Learning a Contest Piece Love them or loathe them, brass band contests are often quite an important factor of brass banding. They can be a time where many feel great when they have played well, or that their band has placed … Continue reading

Youth Music in Uganda The post today has been provided by Philip Monk. He has been working with young people in Uganda and has set up the charity ugive2uganda (registered charity No. 1115196) to support people living in and around the town of … Continue reading

Writing for Brass Band – Starting Out

When arranging for the brass band, there are a few things worth considering to make what you do as effective as possible. Carefully considering the typical ranges of each of the instruments, the role that the instrument plays in the … Continue reading

The right brass instrument – what’s best for the beginner?

Choosing the right, or best, brass instrument for a beginner that has expressed an interest in learning to play a brass instrument can sometimes be a tricky situation.  Which instrument is best for the complete beginner and how do you … Continue reading