All about the Brass! (An infographic)

    This post provides an infographic from California Music Studios that describes and explains the development of brass instruments in a clear and concise way.  If you like the infographic below, please do check out their website by clicking here. … Continue reading

Banish those worries and get yourself singing

Singing for the brass player Brass playing can be considered one of the closest instruments to singing. All a brass instrument really does is act as an amplifier of the buzz that the player produces. Therefore the quality, production and … Continue reading

The right brass instrument – what’s best for the beginner?

Choosing the right, or best, brass instrument for a beginner that has expressed an interest in learning to play a brass instrument can sometimes be a tricky situation.  Which instrument is best for the complete beginner and how do you … Continue reading

Getting triple tonguing nailed with secure and solid technique

Triple and Double Tonguing Triple and double tonguing are really useful skills to develop and can help you to play faster music with greater clarity and accuracy.  As with all new skills there are good ways, and possibly not so … Continue reading