Youth Music in Uganda The post today has been provided by Philip Monk. He has been working with young people in Uganda and has set up the charity ugive2uganda (registered charity No. 1115196) to support people living in and around the town of … Continue reading

The right brass instrument – what’s best for the beginner?

Choosing the right, or best, brass instrument for a beginner that has expressed an interest in learning to play a brass instrument can sometimes be a tricky situation.  Which instrument is best for the complete beginner and how do you … Continue reading

What, when, how? A parent’s guide to Music Lessons

As a parent, children of school age can prove to be incredibly expensive and sometimes some very expensive hobbies can turn out to be quickly forgotten pastimes.  With the ever growing bills, it can be tempting to either discourage and … Continue reading

Teaching – Delivery of information or a truly two way process?

Learning, teaching and the student When a student has lessons there are always clear expectations, and perspectives, from both teacher and learner.  The relationship between teacher and student will always be in a state of change, and it is important … Continue reading

Does good or bad music really exist, and will it ever die?

It’s not all doom and gloom for Music is it? So tomorrow is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.  Apparently it is the time when most people’s New Year’s Resolutions are forgotten and Gyms up and … Continue reading