Interpretation – It’s all a matter of style

Interpretation – how many correct ways are there? Interpretation and developing a stylistic approach to playing is an important element of any performance. There are of course a number of correct ways to approach a Baroque piece, a classical piece … Continue reading

Performance Psychology – in just 5 steps!

Inspiration for this post has come from reading an excellent book The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green with Timothy Gallwey.  This book is an excellent start to understanding how to improve your performances, as well as your confidence … Continue reading

Dealing with nerves when performing

Feeling a bit nervous, or apprehensive can be a very natural feature of performance and is a completely natural reaction felt by the majority of musicians. The concern for many people is dealing with this fairly strange sensation and understanding … Continue reading

Getting the right piece for your tuba audition

Your Tuba Audition There are now hundreds of solo tuba pieces and the amount of music being written for the instrument is every increasing.  This is really great news for the tuba but it may provide some confusion when it … Continue reading