Getting Your Best Contest Result

Learning a Contest Piece Love them or loathe them, brass band contests are often quite an important factor of brass banding. They can be a time where many feel great when they have played well, or that their band has placed … Continue reading

How are those New Year’s Resolutions Going?

Now we are over half way through the year, it might well be a good time to check those New Year’s Resolutions and have a quick review of how things are going.  I remember back in January making myself a … Continue reading

What, when, how? A parent’s guide to Music Lessons

As a parent, children of school age can prove to be incredibly expensive and sometimes some very expensive hobbies can turn out to be quickly forgotten pastimes.  With the ever growing bills, it can be tempting to either discourage and … Continue reading

Performance Psychology – in just 5 steps!

Inspiration for this post has come from reading an excellent book The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green with Timothy Gallwey.  This book is an excellent start to understanding how to improve your performances, as well as your confidence … Continue reading

Beat, body language and speaking – the art of Conducting

I have been involved in conducting a number of ensembles over the previous few years, and to some extent this has taken over from my own playing.  With a young family it has been tricky to always fit both playing … Continue reading

10 Top Tips for Successful Brass Playing

Here are 10 top tips for improving your own brass playing. At first, these all seem fairly common sense and easy but life will often get in the way.  What are your thoughts on these 10 top tips and what … Continue reading

Maximise your rehearsal time with these simple tips!

Whether you are a trumpet player in an orchestra or a tuba player in a brass quintet, you will want to maximise the time that is spent in rehearsals with other musicians. Here are some tips to make the experience … Continue reading

How to create, and keep, those musical New Year’s resolutions in 2013

The start of another year and that inevitable feeling that the year ahead needs to promise more than what has gone before.  Time to think about setting some goals or targets and thinking about what you would like to achieve … Continue reading