Transposition – is it really so tricky?

Transposition – why is this important? Transposition is a really useful skill for every brass player. Skill with transposition is really useful whether this is because you are an Eb bass player in a brass band needing to play a … Continue reading

ABRSM or Trinity Exams – which is best?

Preparing for an Exam Preparing for your first exam on your instrument can be an exciting time. Choosing to work toward an exam can provide a really good focus and give some direction to the work you do in your … Continue reading

A mode of improvisation

The Modes – An alternative to Major and Minor! The modal system comes before the major and minor scales that we regularly use today.  They are often a little bit neglected, which is a real shame as they can add … Continue reading

Getting back to scales – are they a friend or foe?

If you are an adult player, attending a group on a regular basis, getting through the week and managing to even look at your instrument in its case outside of rehearsals can often be a miracle.  When you do have … Continue reading

How to create, and keep, those musical New Year’s resolutions in 2013

The start of another year and that inevitable feeling that the year ahead needs to promise more than what has gone before.  Time to think about setting some goals or targets and thinking about what you would like to achieve … Continue reading