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I am looking to develop this site further and want to make it as useful for you as possible.  Please vote using the poll below to show which articles would be most interesting or valuable to you.  If you would like to specify any particular topics, please use other and add your own ideas.  I will aim to respond to all poll topics that are requested as soon as is possible.

Thank you for looking and for taking part in this poll!

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What Brass Players Want Poll — 2 Comments

  1. Hi,
    I play in 2 Brass Quintets and, although there are plenty of arrangements for quintets, many arrangements are not well arranged for brass. Also, there are not too many “amusing” arrangements (such as “Clear the line Boogie” by Stephen Roberts).
    So, a review of good brass arrangements would be very useful. I could also add pieces which work well for us.
    Norman Bartlett – Caduceus Brass

    • Hi Norman,

      Thanks for your input – much appreciated. A review of brass arrangements is something that I will aim to look at over the next week. I will most likely focus on quintets and ten-piece arrangements at the moment so that I can keep things focused. If you would like to add any discussion about arrangements that work for you that would be fantastic.


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